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The Soundtrack of Nômadâ

At Nômadâ, we understand that music is the heartbeat of any memorable culinary experience. That’s why we’ve crafted a unique musical journey to complement your time with us. Our restaurant embraces the pulsating rhythms of Afrohouse, Latin music, and chart-toppers, creating the perfect backdrop for your culinary adventure. As you savor our exquisite dishes and expertly crafted cocktails, let the infectious beats from our DJ transport you to a world where music becomes a feast for the senses. Whether you’re here for a romantic dinner, a gathering of friends, or a solo culinary adventure, the music at Nômadâ will set the perfect mood.


This quote from the French poet Arthur Rimbaud accompanies the decoration of our terrace, inviting us to reflect on our personal identity. The quote reflects the desire to break free from the social constraints and artistic conventions of its time, suggesting that the concept of ourselves is different from our true selves.
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Fiesta en Nômadâ Madrid

The Show as an Appetizer

At Nômadâ, we’ve taken dinner to another level with live performances, including percussion shows that resonate through the room, dancers who move alongside diners, and, best of all, direct interaction with tables for moments of fun and excitement. At Nômadâ, each dinner is more than a meal; it’s a spectacle for all your senses.

Make your reservation now and get ready to experience a night full of new emotions at Nômadâ!

IŠTAR Loves Nômadâ

But the experience doesn’t end with your meal. As the night unfolds, we invite you to explore the hidden gem beneath our restaurant: IŠTAR, our club. This is where Afrohouse music comes to life. Descend into a world of rhythm and movement, where the dance floor is your canvas, and the music is your muse.

IŠTAR is a haven for music lovers, a place where the energy of the night seamlessly merges with the vibrant rhythms of Afrohouse. Our resident DJs are masters of their craft, creating sets that keep the dance floor alive until the early hours of the morning.

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In addition to our resident DJs, we bring internationally renowned artists such as Guy Gerber, &friends, Caiiro, Moojo, Notre Dame, Sona, Sasson, Francis Mercier, Nico De Andrea, Kasango, Sparrow & Barbossa, and many more to come.
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