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Humusería en Madrid


A Tribute to Our Origins
To honor the most captivating dish of our beginnings, we’ve let hummus with its various flavors at the request of our customers. Immerse yourself in the richness of Mediterranean tradition with our unique selection of hummus, each designed to offer an unparalleled taste experience. We offer a variety of flavors: from traditional hummus to more creative options like Pesto, Har, and Zaatar.

Hummus BAR

Traditional Hummus

Experience the authentic essence of the Middle East with the traditional version. Its smooth texture and perfect balance of flavors will transport you to traditional markets.

Pesto Hummus

A delicious fusion of Mediterranean freshness, our Pesto Hummus combines the smoothness of hummus with the herbal aroma of pesto. A delight for your senses.

Humus Har:

Dare with our Har Hummus, an explosion of spices that adds a spicy touch to the hummus experience. Inspired by the vibrant cuisines of the Middle East.

Zaatar Hummus:

Discover new dimensions with our Zaatar Hummus, a unique blend of herbs and spices that elevates hummus to new heights. An adventure of flavors in every bite.
Plato de hummus en Madrid
Bocadito de hummus
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© 2024, Nômadâ. Todos los derechos reservados.