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Celebrating Life's Milestones

At Nômadâ, we understand that life is a collection of moments, both big and small. Whether you’re embarking on a first date, sharing a first kiss, celebrating a birthday, hosting a company social gathering, or simply meeting friends for a pre-party drink, our restaurant is the perfect destination to make those moments truly unforgettable. Nômadâ is a place to celebrate life’s milestones with enthusiasm. Whether you’re marking another trip around the sun on your birthday, strengthening bonds at a company social gathering, or catching up with friends before a night out, we’re here for you.
Brindis entre amigos en Nômadâ



Let us be the backdrop to your special day. Indulge in a feast of global flavors, toast to another year of life adventures, and make a birthday wish amidst the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Nômadâ.


Company Social Gatherings

Foster camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues in an environment that encourages connection and creativity. Our unique blend of international cuisine and Afrohouse rhythms sets the stage for productive and enjoyable social gatherings.


Friend Get-Togethers

tart your night out with friends on the right foot. Our tempting cocktails and vibrant atmosphere are the perfect prelude to a pre-party gathering. Share laughter, stories, and toasts before hitting the town.


For Couples

For those seeking the perfect setting for a first date or a memorable romantic evening, Nômadâ provides a charming atmosphere where love blossoms. Our carefully crafted dishes and exclusive cocktails set the stage for meaningful conversations and cherished moments. Toast to love and let the ambiance ignite the flames of romance.

Amigos pasándolo bien en terraza de Madrid
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© 2024, Nômadâ. Todos los derechos reservados.